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BHUTAN - The Kind Kingdom (Laurels & Awards)

About Peter Prince

The versatile, intrepid Canadian artist Peter Prince, is based on Salt Spring Island, BC. He has taken his musician’s soul and filmmaker’s eye from the Haida Gwaii to the Himalayas, but his heart is rooted in the natural beauty and culture of the Salish Sea.

Prince’s new album, BORN TO FLY, soars on the wings of song. With his warm resonant voice, he delivers artfully wrought lyrics as he explores new sonic territory on his acoustic guitar and piano. On the first track, Shangri-La, lush vocal harmonies, double bass, percussion, flute and cello, unveil enchanting visions of Bhutan. Next up, the easygoing Curly Blue evokes west coast summer love and adventure as dobro-guitar dovetails into harmonica.

Peter Prince - Born To Fly album cover - new release

Peter Prince – Born To Fly

Saxophone and piano propel Drowning Dreamers: a soulful invocation for peace. The enigmatic Beautiful Dancer flows on guitar and a trio of cellos. The title track dances to his signature finger-picking, vivid imagery and upbeat gratitude for life’s bittersweet changes. His piano-led Sea Wolf runs with the aquatic wolf, a coastal species unique to the Pacific Northwest. Guitar and mandolin gently ripple in Ocean Heart: a lullaby for islanders. Meaning and story emerge in his cross-cultural musical journeys, striking emotional chords that resonate deeply.

Prince’s eight albums of original Folk/Roots draw on contemporary global music influences and sonically compelling elements. Listen to beloved collections of his songs on these two recent records: ISLAND WAY and PACIFIC DAY. Check out his all-instrumental albums, CHASING RAINBOWS and LIGHT DANCE: perennial favourites, relaxing, acoustic guitar-led music.

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Peter Prince performs Be Excellent.

Prince’s latest documentary film, BHUTAN – The Kind Kingdom, gives voice to the endangered Black Necked Crane and the enlightened conservation initiatives of the kingdom of Bhutan. As Bhutanese farmers strive to save the heavenly bird’s magnificent wetland habitat, his lens captures the rugged beauty of the Himalayas and the tiny nation’s vibrant culture. Discover the heart and mind of a land the world has called, “The Last Shangri-La.”

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BHUTAN – The Kind Kingdom

Peter Prince performs Life Is Change

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Oct. 21st watch BHUTAN – The Kind Kingdom at Travel FilmFest

October 19th, 2022|

BHUTAN - The Kind Kingdom was  honoured as "feature documentary finalist" at the Travel FilmFest International in Limassol, Cyprus. Discover the rugged natural beauty and vibrant culture of this enchanting Buddhist nation as local farmers strive to save their beloved “heavenly birds“ — the Black Necked Crane. BHUTAN screens October [...]


Watch ~ Salt Spring Arts ~ a documentary-short by Peter Prince

August 24th, 2022|

Salt Spring Arts - watch it on your local Shaw TV community channel, in Victoria, on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island. Also watch the video free on YouTube at - The venerable Mahon Hall (1901) is the headquarters of Salt Spring Arts and the Artcraft Gallery, in Ganges [...]



Prince’s music is a fusion of contemporary Folk and global music influences that gives rise to a distinctive acoustic roots sound. With his rich resonant voice, he delivers artfully wrought lyrics in a style that stays true to his Folk origins as he explores new sonic territory to convey his brand of Canadiana. An artist renowned for the compelling stories behind his songs, the music of Peter Prince takes the listener on a journey and his passionate performances move both body and soul.

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Remarkable adventures, down-to earth stories and honest emotion are standards of Prince’s craft as he explores new ways of using media to communicate.

A graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Technology in Motion Picture Arts, he has worked as a producer, director, writer, cinematographer and editor for over three decades. His film projects have been broadcast nationally and internationally in over 60 countries. His music compositions can be found on soundtracks for Film and TV. He has been of service to National Geographic, NFB, CTV, CBC, Global, Fox, Bravo, CNN and numerous NGOs.

In addition to his work on the projects of others, Prince has produced and directed his own documentary films to critical acclaim. His latest production, BHUTAN – THE KIND KINGDOM, was celebrated at film festivals in India, Germany, Bali, Cyprus and broadcast on TV networks in South Asia. Screenings of the BHUTAN film are popular with nature clubs, birding groups, libraries, galleries, museums, conservation agencies and environmental studies courses.

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Check out Prince’s, SALT SPRING VIDEO CHANNEL, where he focuses his lens on Salt Spring people and events. Watch videos about the island’s First Nations and pioneer heritage as well as it’s ecology, agriculture, music, politics and remarkable artists.


  • Born To Fly (2024)
  • Chasing Rainbows (2015) (Instrumental)
  • Island Way (2014)
  • Pacific Day (2010)
  • Light Dance (2002) (Instrumental)
  • Whispering Rain (1998)
  • Roaring from the Soul of a Lion (1993)
  • Sea of Dreams (1987)


  • BHUTAN – The Kind Kingdom (2019)
  • Salt Spring Island Discovery (2007)
  • Over the Himalayas (2005)
  • Rafting the Taku River (2002)
  • Ah The Money The Money (2001)
  • Rainbow Way (1999)
  • The All Sooke Day Story (1986)
  • ReDiscovery: The Eagle’s Gift (1984)
  • Cloudburst (1981)


Peter Prince’s, PACIFIC DAY, is guaranteed to enrich and enlighten even the greyest of West Coast days.

BC Musician

A compassionate voice, making music that matters.

Common Ground

On ISLAND WAY, Peter Prince’s poetic lyrics and soulful arrangements take the listener on a journey.


The multi-talented musician and filmmaker from Salt Spring Island is a prolific songwriter, inspired by the natural beauty and culture of our West Coast.

Qualicum Beach News

Inspirational. Motivational. Peter Prince’s songs and stories transported us around the world.

Victoria Folk Music Society

Love-able and artful Canadiana from Salt Spring Island’s, Peter Prince.

Possible Music, NPR


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