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Genre: Folk, Acoustic Roots, Jazz

In his inimitable Island Way, west coast troubadour, Peter Prince, crafts Acoustic Guitar-led Folk tales that empower and entertain. From sky to sea he strums the heartstrings, as he sings a wish for the well-being of the verdant lands, the sweet waters and the friendly people of the Salish Sea. Join Peter, as he rides the emotional tides of desire, joy, sorrow, courage and change. Along for the trip are a crew of excellent island artists, including: Tara MacLean on BG Vocals, Ian Van Wyck on Double Bass, Doug Cox on Dobro Slide-Guitar, Zavallennahh Huscroft on Fiddola, Laurent Boucher and Lorne Burns on Drums, Henry Boudin on Saxophone, Brent Shindell on Guitar and David Storm on Piano.