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Genre: Folk, Acoustic Roots, Jazz, World

If your passionate heart is looking for a quiet harbour to anchor in, you’ll find it on Pacific Day. Prince’s sense of identity is deeply rooted on Salt Spring Island. It’s where his children were born and raised and the place he’s called home for over 30 years. On the shores of his favorite rocky bay, you’ll find him finger-picking his guitar immersed in the sea of song. He revels in depicting the warmth of life in lyric and melody. In Peter’s words, “From cradle to grave and beyond, everything is song.”  Join him on a journey that cultivates faith, celebrates love and taps into rhythms of hope and happiness. A pod of musical friends share their flare for Folk, Blues, Jazz, Celtic and World Music on the album. Contributing Artists are: Ian Van Wyck, Zavallennahh Huscroft, Bruce Everett, Henry Boudin, Tara MacLean, Elvira Claire and Laurent Boucher.