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Genres: Folk Rock, Acoustic Roots, Jazz, World

On Roaring, Prince puts his poetry to music, creating songs that celebrate life while contemplating the struggles and heartbreaks of a materialistic society. The album came together during a time of intense spiritual growth as he overcame a life threatening illness. Juggling film and music work, while planting roots on Salt Spring Island with his young family, tested his mettle and led to a bountiful harvest of new songs. As Peter reflects, “Deep emotional healing, got me in touch with my ancestral throat.” The back-story included building a new home, just in time for the home-birth of his daughter, Sappho: a water-born baby who inspired the song, Born Like The Moon. Producing, engineering and recording bands at Tall Tree Studios, advanced his musical creativity to new levels. Collaborators on Roaring include: Morry Stearns (Piano & Synthesizers). Jerry Ringrose (Drums). Hugh MacMillan (Bass & Chapman Stick). Scott Sheerin (Saxophone).