Peter Prince performs solo. Recorded live off the floor. The Be Excellent song is from Peter’s ISLAND WAY album. It sends out a positive message as it celebrates family love the Island Way, and is dedicated to West, his second grand-child. Peter makes his home on the isle of Salt Spring in the “Salish Sea,” a place where spirited citizens “answer the bell” by championing social and environmental causes with great gusto, both politically and musically.

Greg Pauker provided sound engineering and mixing, as well as Sony EX cameras and lighting. The three camera video production was staged at his Sculptor Studio, on Salt Spring Island. Greg captured Peter’s vocal warmth, and the natural tonal essence of his Martin D18 acoustic guitar and harmonica shine through. 

The outdoor video footage of Peter playing harmonica was self-shot with a GH3 Lumix camera, on a late November day by the sea at Burgoyne Bay Park, under the boughs of an ancient Garry Oak tree.

Be Excellent is track #8 on his new ISLAND WAY album.

Video post-production was done in FCP X at Twin Dolphin Studio.

Peter Prince: producer, director and editor.

BE EXCELLENT (Lyrics & Music Peter Prince © 2014)

She’s my woman and I’m her man
I’m the one she depends upon
She’s the one swimming in the sun
With our little one
Little West is easy to please
Bouncing on his grandpa’s knee
Alongshore in the Salish Sea
Carved our names in a Cedar Tree

Love here Love now ~ Sun come up and sun go down
Love here Love now ~ Sun come up and sun go down
Be excellent to each other ~ Be excellent to each other 

Rock the cradle answer the bell
World leaders got lies to sell
It’s a crazy game we’re born to play
Let me kiss your tears away