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Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Roots

Salt Spring songster and filmmaker Peter Prince’s life and travels inspire a flock of new songs on his latest release, BORN TO FLY.

Over the Himalayas here come the birds of heaven,” he sings in Shangri-La, accompanied by Tara Maclean’s rich harmonies. The song recalls his adventures in Bhutan. While shooting a documentary about the Black Necked Cranes, he experienced the happy kingdom’s enchanting beauty and culture.

In the lighthearted Tongan Way, a sense of wonder and openness transport you to the friendly South Pacific isles where he drinks “a bowl of Kava” and goes “fishing by flashlight” in shark infested waters with his friend Siopé.

In the easygoing Curly Blue, a west coast “Summer breeze caressing the trees” stirs up the fires of love as Ian Van Wyck’s double bass grooves with drummer Laurent Boucher; and Doug Cox’s dobro-guitar riffs dovetail into Bruce Everett’s harmonica.

In the mysterious Beautiful Dancer, Peter’s voice resonates with warm, sinewy strength on the waltz-like rhythm of his acoustic guitar and George Crotty’s cello arrangement.

Drowning Dreamers offers an invocation for world peace through the eyes of a “Sunbaked soldier on patrol.” With Peter on piano, Ian Van Wyck on bass and Henry Boudin on saxophone.

On the title cut, his staccato finger-picking and Bruce Everett’s flute ride the waves of vivid imagery and upbeat gratitude for life’s bitter and the sweet, “Changes.”

On the Roof of the World — where happiness is “just a state of mind.” Features Brent Shindell on lead acoustic guitar and Bruce Everett on harmonica.

In Beyond the Sun a poet wanders on a flying island. Peter sings solo, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar.

His piano-led  Sea Wolf, complemented by George Crotty on cello, pays homage to the aquatic wolf and the legend of TAHAKWIA, a Salt Spring born Cowichan medicine woman who called the wolves her friends, “I saw your footprints in the snow. TAHAKWIA, in the dream of a Sea Wolf.”

Make A Difference is a rallying call for positive action urging the next generation to, “Listen to this SOS.” It features Henry Boudin on saxophone and Brent Shindell on electric guitar; Ian Van Wyck on bass and Laurent Boucher on drums.

Sunny Man — just another islander “Forever building castles in the sand.” A piano song, with Prince singing solo and Ian Van Wyck on bass.

The lively Feels So Fine is a wedding song he wrote for his daughter Sappho and husband Tyler. The wedding party gathered at Salt Spring’s Beaver Pt. Hall in 2019, danced and sang along to the chorus, “It feels so fine.” Sivalla sings harmony as Peter strums guitar and bends blues harmonica; with Bruce Cameron on percussion. 

Ocean Heart is a lullaby to begin your day with; and it will stick in your memory long after the final note fades. Peter’s acoustic guitar ripples gently, complemented by Kenn Faris on mandolin.

Prince mines the depths of the human heart for real truth. Meaning and story emerge in his cross-cultural musical journeys, striking emotional chords that resonate deeply with listeners.

BORN TO FLY is the product of a decade of sporadic studio work creating magical musical moments — then sharpening the knives and sculpting the sound waves. Over 30 songs sprang from the sessions, but only 13 were chosen for the album. All songs were written and recorded by Prince at his Salt Spring Island studio. It’s his 8th album of original Folk/Roots music. The recordings capture him performing with his acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica — at times with his band of musical friends and/or featured guest artist.

The collaborators who enrich the tracks with their artistry include: Ian Van Wyck plays bass on all songs. Laurent Boucher plays drums/percussion on most songs (except where specified below). Jane Phillips plays cello on Shangri-La. Tara MacLean harmonizes on Shangri-La. Sivalla harmonizes on The Tongan Way and Feels So Fine. George Crotty plays cello on, Beautiful Dancer, Sea Wolf and Born To Fly. Bruce Everett plays flute on Shangri-La and Born To Fly, plus his harmonica on Curly Blue and On the Roof of the World. Henry Boudin plays saxophone, on Drowning Dreamers and Make A Difference. Brent Shindell adds his lead acoustic guitar to On the Roof of the World and plays electric guitar on Make A Difference. Doug Cox plays dobro guitar on Curly Blue. Kenn Faris plays mandolin on Ocean Heart. The late, great, Lorne Burns plays his drum kit to On the Roof of the World. Bruce Cameron adds percussion to The Tongan Way and Feels So Fine.

If you would like a PDF of the LYRICS for all songs on the album, please send a request via CONTACT form.